This is the best way for customers to pay quickly and easily via iDEAL (NL) and Credit Cards - without having to create a crypto wallet or buy Bitcoin. You deposit EURO with iDEAL and send the amount to be paid via Skrill to the Bitcoin address that you see in STEP 1. The entire process takes 10-15 minutes for the first time, and 5 minutes for each future payment.


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1) Select or enter the order amount, your Name and email address:


Quick Instruction

For those who don’t need step-by-step instructions, a short version of this method. Make sure your Skrill account is verified. Deposit at least €22 into your account with iDEAL or Creditcards. Go to Withdraw > Crypto and Paste in Skrill the Generated Bitcoin Wallet Address (See STEP 1 ☝️). Your invoice amount and send the payment. Your account will be activated within minutes.

Step-by-step instruction

1. Create an account for free at Skrill
2. Deposit via iDEAL  slightly more credit than needed for your purchase (about 2 or 3 euro) because Skrill charges a 2% fee.
The minimum withdrawal via crypto is €20 + a transaction fee of approximately €0.50, so deposit at least 22 EUR.
For example, we recommend depositing a minimum:
€31 for 6 months IPTV
€52 for 12 months IPTV
€92 for 24 months IPTV
€42 for 12 months cccam sat or cable
€77 for 24 months cccam sat or cable

Prefer to top up with your credit card? You can also deposit credit into your Skrill account by credit card. Click here to deposit by credit card

3. Verify your account, do this via the Skrill app on your smartphone. This takes about 5 minutes and only for first time.

Wait until you receive an email from Skrill informing you that you have been verified.

4. We recommend that you continue now via your PC, but you can also continue via your smartphone.

Pay your account

5. Go to Skrill and click on Withdraw > Crypto wallet (or click here for a direct link).

PLEASE NOTE: You do NOT need to buy BTC via Skrill. To withdraw Bitcoin, leave your balance in EURO.

6. In the “Enter address” field, Paste in Skrill the  Generated Bitcoin Wallet Address. See STEP 1 ☝️, (click on the address to copy with CTRL + C or right mouse > copy and paste with CTRL + V or right mouse > paste). Enter the total amount of your order at “Enter amount” field.



7. Now press “Next” and then “Confirm” and enter your created PIN code to complete the payment. The payment will be processed within approximately 5 minutes and your account will be activated.

My transaction has not been processed after 10 minutes, what now?

It sometimes happens that this takes a little longer than usual, Skrill keeps the fees as low as possible by default, so it sometimes takes a little longer.

Do you want pay with direct iDeal or bank transfer? Then re-order again and select one of this direct payment methods.

Note: With these methods we charge an extra 21% fee.