Heeft u een IPTV Smarters, GSE Smart IPTV, iPlayTV, TiviMate, Kodi, PerfectPlayer, VLC Player of andere apps die werkt met url m3u link? Dan kunt u alle zenders ontvangen in uw apparaat. U zit nergens aan vast! Geen onvoorziene kosten! Geen stilzwijgende verlengingen! U bepaalt wij draaien!

Let op: Dit is URL m3u link en geen URL Portal (Stalker).

Since we are adding more channels and Vod, you may have complains about the IPTV devices. We face that the some IPTV devices has a limited of memory. When you reach the limit may your device/app not booting anymore. The solution is to take out some packages/countries. So please just select the groups (Bouquets) that you really need it.

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